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  • Farm Planning with Darren J. Doherty

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    Darren J. Doherty (CPAg AIA) takes you through the ten layers behind The Regrarians Platform®, developed to provide a structure for a strategic, holistic and logical process to agroecological landscape and enterprise planning which ensures all elements are taken into account.

    The Regrarians Pla...

  • A large scale worm farm walk through.

    We visit Pethick Orchards and the team at VermiGold to learn all about Vermicast bio-fertilisers and how they manage their large scale worm farm to deliver one of the highest quality products out there. You will learn what makes for a high quality Vermicast bio fertiliser, how they go about makin...

  • Biodynamics with Charlie Arnott & Hamish Mackay

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    Are you ready to unlock the power of biodynamics and revolutionise your approach to farming and gardening? Join industry leaders Charlie Arnott and Hamish Mackay as they guide you through the theory and practice of biodynamics.

    In this comprehensive course, you'll learn the basics of biodynamics...

  • Cover crops, biofertilizers and animals to improve soil health

    Down Under Covers and Sims Farms are leading the way when it comes to innovating around methods to improve soil health, while delivering profitable, diverse enterprises. Join us as Grant Sims takes us on farm, delivering insights into cover crops, harvesting, bio-fermented fertilisers and crop st...

  • Building soil in vineyard via regen ag and the 'Grazing Naturally Method'

    Murdoch Hill wines don’t use synthetic inputs to control weeds, pests or disease on farm. Mechanical under vine weeding, organic sprays, cover crops, and livestock integration are instead utilised to regenerate soil. The team are constantly adapting, experimenting and improving the farming manage...